Stephanie Kazolides, Founder. 

At the foundation, the roots and the core of my passion, is a belief that I hold that we really can change the world through education. I don't mean just formal education such as schools, I mean through every form of educating. We're all teachers, whether we teach in a classroom, a yoga studio, a gym, as a parent, to our peers or siblings. We are all vessels in which we pass on information, knowledge and meaning. We are the make-up of culture and society and we hold the power to change it. 

The Holistic Health Project is a "school" that I have created where people can come and learn about themselves, explore, play, empower and transform. 

I am so grateful to have found a group of mentors and teachers in various fields who share the same ethos and passion. I feel we can create something special here at The Holistic Health Project and facilitate those who have chosen us to be a part of their journey! 

A Little About Me:

At twenty-five, after years battling between mainstream ideas on how to be healthy, I landed on some information that changed my lifestyle and approach to health so profoundly that I decided I had to share this knowledge with more people.

It began when I made some changes in my diet and focused on embracing whole, natural, unprocessed and plant-based foods for a consecutive six weeks. For the very first time, I felt this incredible shift take place throughout my body and my mind. 

In those six weeks my health transformed from the inside out, because for the first time ever my body was receiving the nutrients it had always needed. The knock-on effect went beyond shedding a few pounds and having clearer skin. I began to feel more mental clarity and positive thoughts, increased energy and focus which was a big deal considering how tired, sick and anxious I always felt.   

This ‘aha’ moment struck a deep cord, and since, I have made it my mission to share my experience and knowledge with others.

Within a year I changed career path and decided to launch a food blog as a way to inspire more people about how to eat better. However, the picture was still incomplete at this point, and it was during my own quarter life "crisis" over the space of these few years that I soon learned the importance in how all aspects of the self are accountable when striving for good health, be it mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Looking back I now see how my initial diet change to more natural, whole foods was planting the seed for the ripple effect to come where my entire perspective would shift into understanding that health cannot be reduced to just a few components such as fitness or food. Everything is accountable when looking at health - our whole selves and our entire lives make up each piece of the puzzle. 

In two years my life has turned upside down and back around again, so much change yet so much growth. Yet through everything, I feel stronger, healthier and more empowered than I ever have in my life, and I am certain it's due to adopting a lifestyle I was never fully open to, or perhaps ready for, previously. This is an on-going journey of continual discovery, but I can safely say I feel the closest I ever have to finding my equilibrium, my real state of balance! (You can read the long version of my story on my blog - angel's belly). 

I can't wait to meet those who enter this journey with us, to share stories and learn from each other - I'm so very excited!