Dreamers & Doers

The Ultimate 12 Week 1:1 Self-Empowerment Coaching Program
It's time to start living your dreams!

When was the last time you had to pinch yourself because your life felt so incredibly good? When did you last wake up feeling excited, motivated, passionate and so ready to take on all the new challenges and opportunities life presents to you? When was the last time you decided that your dreams, however big, crazy and scary, are worth pursuing because YOU get to create your own reality?

Let me introduce Dreamers & Doers, the ultimate 12-week all-inclusive online coaching program designed to equip you with the tools you need to transform your life, your environment and above all your sense of empowerment, so you can turn your dreams into reality!


Based on my personal experiences and challenges, like quitting my corporate law job, buying a one-way ticket to Greece and launching my very own international coaching business, Dreamers & Doers is designed to support you through the ultimate transformation of your life. This is the program you need to help you chase your wildest dreams, head-on. Whether you're ready to quit your job, find your forever person or launch your very own digital nomad life, this program will take you from day-dreamer to do-er, from aimlessly wandering to purposefully creating and from maybe one-day to right here, right now!

Dreamers & Doers is your one-way ticket to divine clarity, guidance and motivation. This is how you step into the best version of yourself, in every sense of the word, with fun and ease

The program starts by reflecting on your current self and the situation you are in right now then compare this to where you want to be. We will then gradually move through topics unpacking your core values, self-love, the magic of manifestation, limiting beliefs, your money mindsets, setting goals, tweaking your routines & habits and creating the best environment for your success before finally jumping in the deep in and just doing whatever needs to be done!


Over the 12 weeks, you will be guided, supported and inspired through multiple topic introduction videos, guided meditations, downloadable PDF eBook, weekly reflection/journaling prompts, affirmations and mini-mindset challenges.  Combined with weekly one hour, 1:1 coaching sessions and unlimited voice message/personal message support, you will be mentored through every step of your transformation!


Program Snapshot

Topics we will cover:

  • Your core values & who you truly  are

  • Self-worth, self-love and the power you hold within

  • Recognising and stepping into your potential

  • Unpacking your limiting beliefs

  • Understanding your money mindset & wealth frequency

  • Manifestation 101 & how to manifest ANYTHING

  • How to set & achieve BIG goals

  • The life hack of positive habits & routine

  • The power of self-reflection

  • Proving your strength, courage & resilience to yourself 

  • Benefiting from the power of like-minded people

  • Jumping into the unknown

Together we will...

  • Identify & magnetise your individual core values

  • Unveil and unravel your limiting beliefs around self-worth, self-love and self-empowerment

  • Dive into the role of your inner feminine and masculine

  • Revolutionise your money mindset & wealth frequency

  • Create alignment and magnetisation through the law of attraction

  • Set BIG goals with clarity and personalised strategy

  • Build effective 'life-hack' habits and boss-babe morning & evening routines

  • Boost your self-awareness & confidence through embodiment practices

  • Trust your strength, worth and ability

  • Tap into the power of community

  • Jump into the highest version of you and the life you have always dreamed of creating!!

What's Included?

  • 12x Weekly 1:1 60min Coaching Calls via Zoom

  • Full access to Podia course page to work through content at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like 

  • 20+ Recorded Topic Introduction Videos, with lifetime access and new videos added regularly

  • Downloadable PDF eBook including journaling prompts, affirmations and visualisation practices

  • Weekly recorded meditations practices, available for download

  • Unlimited Voxer voice/text message support throughout the 12 weeks for direct support, encouragement and accountability


Your Transformation

​By the end of our time together you will...

  • Hold a deeper, stronger connection to your intuition and truest core self

  • Feel delicious in your self-worth, strength & confidence

  • Have incredible breakthrough moments in unpacking your limiting beliefs & self-sabotaging behaviours 

  • Find flow and ease in your sacred feminine and masculine states

  • Be transforming your relationship with money, permanently altering the way money flows in and out of your life 

  • Be in a state of alignment and magnetising your dreams & desires through the law of attraction

  • Set able to set & achieve BIG goals with clarity, fun & ease

  • Have built effective 'life-hack' habits & revamped your morning & evening routines

  • Be consistently embodying your highest self & all of her power

  • Know and be surrounded by the power of community

  • Be ready to jump into the highest version of you and the life you have always dreamed of creating!


Your Investment

If payment is an issue for you, please reach out. Financial commitments can be big and scary but ultimately in purchasing this program you are exchanging your energy for a value and transformation that will extend throughout every element of your life. You have the choice to keep doing exactly what you're doing and hoping for change or stepping out of your comfort zone and creating real change.

  • Full payment of $2,000 USD


  • Payment Plan of 4x monthly payments of $550 USD


What kind of results will I see?


Dreamers & Doers is designed for you to see a huge transformation in every aspect of your life! When you start shifting your mindset, your reality starts to change too! Expect to call in incredible personal transformation but also transformation in your relationships, physical environment and approach to everyday life!


Remember you create your own reality! And where your attention goes, energy flows!


I want to start my own business, should I invest in this course?


Dreamers & Doers is the perfect tool for anyone dreaming of starting their own business and anyone who is in the early stages of launching a business! Mindset is such a huge part of self-employment and entrepreneurial life and you'll find as your self-worth rises so too does your net worth! Jump in and let's chase your dreams together!


How much time do I need to put in?


Ultimately this is up to you BUT I do encourage my clients to try to find 4-5 hours per week to dedicate to themselves. This is time for journaling, meditating, self-love and embodiment practices (I promise it's fun!) and includes time for the training videos and our calls.


Is there a shorter option?


Dreamers & Doers is a 12 week or 3-month commitment, BUT for anyone looking for a shorter commitment/investment, I also offer a 4-week course, more focused on goal & intention setting- The Goal Getter's Guide, check it out here!


There is also a self-paced version of this program (The Goal Getter's Guide) available for you to complete 100% on your own.


How is this different from other life coaching courses?


Dreamers & Doers was designed from my personal experience. How I quit my miserable corporate job, how I found a community to inspire and support me and how I built an online business that enables me to travel and work anywhere and everywhere. Working with me, I know the challenges you will face because I have faced them. I know your passion because I feel it too and I know your potential because if you are here reading this then you are me just a few steps behind! And this enables me to help you like no one else can!

Client Testimonials

"My coaching with Tori was a pleasure and a delight, she was very friendly and provided amazing daily affirmations which always seemed to resonate with whatever was going on with me in my day. She made goal setting easy, manageable and helped to reduce the overwhelm, whilst allowing me to have a clear direction of how to achieve my goals by breaking it down into manageable steps." - Nic, UK

"Working with Tori was an absolute dream, she was so professional, confident and passionate about the service she provides. I felt at ease at all times and thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the support I received over the four weeks of the Goal Getters Guide. I was amazed by the way in which over the course of the coaching with Tori I became more and more confident in myself and my goals. Would happily repeat the four weeks over and over!" - Mel, AUS

Book A Clarity Call

Let's make sure this program is 100% right for you and jump on a FREE 15-minute clarity call!​​ Here we can get to know each other, talk about you and your wildest dreams & together decide if Dreamers and Doers is the perfect match for you!