Persnalised Empowerment Mentoring



Do you know what it means to create, to inspire, to be truly free in this world? Do you know how to use your voice and embrace your infinite feminine power? Do you want to know?




My love...

Society has held you back for too long. For too long you've been shuffling, nodding, cooperating and settling for a path set to hold you back, to keep you small, to silence your roar.


What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be free? To speak your truth, to take up space, to hold strength within your entire body and not just your womb? Who are you when you step outside the confines of your allocated box?

Femme-Powerment is a new method of mentorship, leadership and the creation of change for all women around the world. This is coaching for the women ready to break cycles, disrupt patterns and lead our revolution of power, wealth, leadership and worldwide female empowerment.

Not that long ago, I used to sit in my window-less city office and daydream of changing the world. I dreamt of being a powerful, positive leader in a world that felt full of limits, fears and red-tape. I knew deep within my soul that my purpose here on this planet, in this body was to create a change that impacted the entire world, that left a legacy for every woman to be proud of. But I felt stuck. I felt stuck in my career as a lawyer. I felt stuck in my finances, in my relationships and in my potential. No one in my immediate circle had ever done anything like this ever before. Who was I to want so much for myself?

Yet month after month, day after day these feelings got strong and stronger, until one day I burst. I quit my job, sold everything I owned and brought a one-way ticket to Greece. I knew I would figure the rest out as I went. Fast forward two plus years and I'm now living in Mexico, working in my own business, building an empowerment empire, designed to reach every corner of the earth!   


  • Walking out of your 9-5 job knowing you never have to go back there ever again!

  • Finding your voice, so strong and so powerful you know nothing could ever silence you again.

  • Connecting so deeply within yourself that you feel safe and at home wherever you go in this world.

  • Creating a community of soulful friendships, relationships and deep connection anywhere you go.

  • Waking up inspired, excited and so passionate to dive into your work, fueling positive change in the world each day.

  • Revolutionising your understanding & relationship with wealth, abundance and prosperity.

  • Feeling guided, inspired and mentored every single day as you move through deep healing, reawakening and whole body shifts designed to take you where you've never been before!

  • Imagine showing up as the woman your soul knows you were always meant to be! 

Introducing Femme-Powerment Personalised Feminine Empowerment Mentoring, with Tori Nauer.


1:1 Mentorship

1:1 Weekly Zooom sessions with Tori to dive deep into your purpose, potential and guide you through your feminine empowerment journey!

Unlimited Voice Messaging

Unlimited Voxer voice messaging each week to maintain accountability, provide question & answers and inspire consistent growth.

Client Led

Flexible monthly topics, selected by you, the client, to focus on individual wants and needs.

6-Month Container

Six-month container for maximised growth, expansion and empowerment!


is for you if...

  • You recognise there is deep work to be done for you to move from your current lifestyle into the life you dream of living!

  • You feel ready to dive into a whole new way of thinking, being and showing up in the world!

  • You're looking for an intimate, personalised mentoring connection! 

  • Surface level coaching & group programs don't seem to align with your desires and dreams!

  • You have a grand vision for your next level life, the life you are dreaming of living every single day!

  • You are ready for serious change, commitment and feminine empowerment!

The world is shifting faster than ever right now, it's time to step into your power!

What working with Tori looks like...

Femme-Powerment is a personalised client-led program, with a loose, flexible structure designed to create the most impact for you. Each month you get to decide your mentoring focus, where you want to take your energy and what part of you needs the most attention.

From here, we will meet weekly via Zoom to work through your patterns, beliefs, limits and potential with extra mini exercises thrown in as homework and self-practices. 

You will also have full access to me via Voxer voice messaging throughout the entire program, adding accountability, structure and intimate personalized guidance to your journey.


You're in the Drivers Seat!

The Focus Points



Worthiness & Self Love

Abundance & Wealth

Authentic Leadership


Divine Feminine & Masculine

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Mel, Australia

Working with Tori was an abslute dream, she was so professional, confident and passionate about the service she provides. I felt at ease at all times and thoroughly appreciated & enjoyed all the support I received. I was amazed the ways in which over the course of my coaching with Tori I became more and more confident in myself and my goals. I would happily repeat the time over & over!

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Mirna, USA

I don't say this often, but you're truly a powerhouse. There's a balance that you carry that I believe is super helpful for women to see embodied. Forward thinking, visionary, possible, uplifting, kind, empowering and boundaries. I'd say I walk into most things somewhat sceptical and it was so nice to see you own the space and create a safe space for each of us to truly step into our dreams.

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Toula, Australia

My experience during my time with Tori was fantastic! Her energy was incredible and she gave me the right tools t allow me to become my most authentic self. From my sessions with Tori I was able to break down my own barriers I had put in place and start working towards my biggest goals. If you're on the fence- you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Just DO IT!

Love Notes


'This is for the women ready to break cycles, disrupt patterns and lead our revolution of power!'


How does this work?

This a 1:1 mentorship container, with weekly Zoom meetings, daily Voxer support and personalised practices created just for you. As the client, you get to choose your monthly focus topic to ensure both your wants and needs are met every step of the way!

When can I start?

Femme-Powerment is open to 3 women at any given-time, if your application is a great fit for both of us, we can begin right away or at the earliest convenient time for you. As this mentorship is client-led, you are in the drivers seat and can choose the best weekly meeting times for you.

How is this different to other coaching programs?

Femme-Powerment moves beyond simply coaching, shifting the focus to mentorship, leadership and embodiment of your highest self! At no point am I going to tell you want to do, but you can expect potent questions, deep conversation and unlimited inspiration, guiding you towards the woman you are destined to be.

Do I have to commit to six months?

Long-term commitments can understandably be daunting, yet this is an investment in yourself, in your future and in your legacy to this world. Throughout this program you will be challenged, face highs and lows and move through many layers of conscious and subconscious awareness. This process takes time, patience and commitment in order to see truly powerful results.

Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds for change of mind cancellations. This is an all-in program, designed to take you on a powerful self-actualisation journey. As your mentor I commit to showing up 100% for you and I ask the same in return. If you feel unhappy with the service you are receiving at any time, please reach out, voice your concerns and together we will find an adequate solution.

Your Investment 

$4444 USD Payment in Full


$777 USD x6 Monthly Payments 

If payment is an issue for you, please reach out. Financial commitments can be big and scary but ultimately in purchasing this service you are exchanging your energy for a value and transformation that will extend throughout every element of your life. You have the choice to keep doing exactly what you're doing and hoping for change or stepping out of your comfort zone and creating real change, right here, right now.


Take 5 minutes to apply now and then book a free 30-minute clarity call with Tori so we can ensure this is the best fit for you!