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30 Lessons Learnt From A 30-Day Affirmation Challenge

And how to apply these affirmations to your life...

I am no stranger to the power of affirmations when it comes to improving my mood, boosting my self-confidence and reassuring myself I am exactly where I’m meant to be.

Yet, until recently, including these powerful affirmations in my everyday routine had consistently slipped to the bottom of my to-do list.

It wasn’t until a friend and fellow coach launched a free 30-day affirmation challenge that I got on the band-wagon. With the motivation of a challenge and the accountability of my friend, I spent the next 30 days speaking, writing and even recording an affirmation a day, posting it on my social media for the world to see.

At first, this was hard, I was nervous to show up as my most authentic and vulnerable self online, but as the days past the routine of sharing my affirmations became more and more rewarding.

I started getting messages from friends and even strangers online, detailing how hearing these affirmations, and my associated thoughts each day was helping them. They told me how my words were motivating them to strive for more and helping them with their mental health, especially through the tough times of lockdown. And that, in turn, inspired me.

Throughout the 30 days, I felt an enormous shift in my attitudes, the way I approached my days and a genuine connection with each daily affirmation. In the beginning, these words felt special, yet they were still just words, however as the days went by these affirmations began to spark more emotions. I began to put more feeling into what I was saying and writing and thinking.

Connecting with other like-minded women in this challenge also allowed me to gain new perspectives, reflect on my conscious and sub-conscious thoughts and become more mindful of both my internal and external realities.

Still buzzing from this challenge, here are 30 bite-sized lessons I learnt from my 30-day affirmation challenge:

1. I am worthy of all the beautiful things coming my way Reminder, wonderful things are coming every single day, and everyone, myself included deserves to enjoy these. I am worthy.

2. I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness Hey, I am actually in control of how I feel and even though I’ve been feeling crappy this morning I can turn that around and enjoy the rest of my day. My thoughts create my feelings, my feelings create my emotions, and my emotions shape my perception of the world around me.

3. I am brave, bold and beautiful I love to compliment our friends, family even strangers we meet on the bus, but what about myself? Self-kindness is a powerful tool when it comes to confidence and self-worth, and sometimes I have to be my own best friend.

4. I am allowed to prioritise myself and my growth It’s okay to be selfish sometimes, it’s okay to want to grow into my biggest, best self. I am focusing on my dreams and projects without feeling guilty or self-sabotaging my success.

5. I am resilient Whenever I need a reminder of my strength and resilience, I just look at where I was one month ago, or more, one year ago. We are all so much tougher than we give ourselves credit for.

6. I am approaching challenges as opportunities Just like the caterpillar builds himself a cocoon, I have to go through times of challenge to grow and evolve into my best self. With every challenge that arises, so too does an opportunity to grow, learn and develop into an even better version of myself.

7. I am at peace with my past and in love with my present I can leave the past behind me and focus on the power of gratitude when things aren’t exactly how I want them to be right now. Being fully present in the moment is something I can constantly practise and improve on.

8. I am limitless There is no limit to my imagination, my creativity and my potential and when I fully believe this, that’s when I can do anything I set my mind to.

9. I am surrounded by love I am so thankful for my friends and family all over the world. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, I know I am unconditionally loved.

10. I am exactly where I am meant to be There is so much power in surrendering to the unknown. Letting the Universe or God or any higher power guide me through life, trusting that there is no wrong direction only lessons to be learnt and experiences to be experienced.

11. I am motivated Sometimes I have to give myself a pep-talk. Get out of bed, make some coffee and motivate myself. Fake it until you make it.

12. I am learning to be kinder to myself There is no room in my life for negativity, especially within my mind. I am my own best friend. I need to treat myself with kindness, love and respect, unconditionally.

13. I am free of worry and regret When I find myself spiralling in worry or doubt, I try to catch myself, and tell myself to STOP. Take a breath. Reset. Instead of worry, I choose to look for solutions, to think creatively. Instead of regret, I choose to remember life has so many lessons to learn and I choose to learn.

14. I am constantly conditioning my subconscious mind to vibrate at a higher frequency The law of vibration states that vibrations operating at similar frequencies attract one another. And my subconscious mind is constantly working in the background of my life. So by training my sub-conscious mind to put out high-frequency vibrations, I will attract high vibrations in return.

15. I am transcending from a place of self-doubt to a place of self-empowerment Life is a journey, and I am so ready to transform myself into the best version of me. I am ready to learn, grow and find all the strength I need within me. There is no power in doubting myself, so instead I’m going to back myself and see what happens along the way.

16. I am ready to free myself from all the emotions that are not mine to carry Putting myself first and detaching from the emotions of my friends and family is okay. I can be a shoulder to lean on without absorbing and carrying other’s emotions. I am allowed to put myself first.

17. I am consciously responding instead of unconsciously reacting Being mindful is so much more than meditating every morning. Being mindful is recognising my moods, my limits and my cues. Be it consciously eating and enjoying every mouthful of food or choosing my words more carefully when I am feeling irritated, I am in control.

18. I am ready to stop competing against others There is so much strength in staying in my own lane. There is an endless supply of creativity, strength and ability within me, there is no need to compare and worry about what others are doing. There is enough of everything in the world for us to all succeed on our own paths.

19. I am finding freedom in my vulnerabilities Experiencing all of our emotions is what it means to be human. While I can embrace the ‘good’ emotions, I also need to be okay with feeling the ‘bad’ emotions from time to time. Sometimes I just need to sit with these feelings, recognise where they come from and then move on.

20. I am ready to create boundaries If I want to be the best version of myself, I need to know when to say no, when to stop and when to prioritise myself. Looking at my work-life balance, I need to remember to create equal time for freedom, fun and play.

21. I am blessed with a wonderful family and incredible friends And I miss them like crazy! But I know they are still there, and when we are together again it will feel even more special.

22. I am free from the need to impress others My appearance is all about me. I am not going out of my way to look or act or be a certain way, just to please others. I am doing my own thing.

23. I am forgiving There is no pressure, I am forgiving myself for not always meeting my goals, not always being perfect at everything I do and not always showing up as my best self, 100% of the time.

24. I am confident and ready to tackle my goals I find confidence from practice. So, I’m practising doing the things I love which in turn is making me feel confident and so ready to take on my biggest goals!

25. I am going to stop apologising for being myself We all apologise for unnecessary sh*t all the time. Women especially. Instead, let’s reframe our words. For example, a friend of mine taught me to say thank you for waiting rather than I’m sorry I’m late.

26. I am relaxing replenishing and taking care of myself Not every day can be work work work, hustle hustle hustle. If anything greater productivity, creativity and mental clarity come when balanced with slow, relaxed replenishing time. No one can pour from an empty cup.

27. I am more than a number on the scales I am thankful to be happy in my skin, but that has come from many years building a positive relationship with food, nutrition and exercise.

28. I am attracting… I love the law of attraction and the concept of manifestation. Telling the Universe what I want to receive and aligning myself with the emotions and gratitude of what is coming to me is a powerful tool. I am attracting endless opportunities.

29. I am overflowing with positive emotions I have so many things to be grateful for right now, the sun is shining, I love my work, I just made a delicious iced coffee, and when I focus on these things I can’t help but feel positive and happy in this moment right now.

30. I am positive, I am confident, I am motivated Throughout these 30 days of affirmations, I have felt so powerful, positive, confident and motivated. Speaking these words to myself every day has proved my strength and the power of my thoughts in shaping my emotions and in turn my experience of each day.

After using an affirmation every day for 30 days, I’m sold. The neurological pathways in my brain have begun to form and I genuinely feel more mindful, positive and empowered in my sense of self. All from speaking positive statements aloud to myself (and my social media).

Affirmations, here’s how you can apply them to your life:

  • Create reminders on your phone- Pick your favourite three or four affirmations and create reminders on your phone to be repeated daily throughout the day. For example, you may have ‘I am motivated’ pop up at 10 am every day.

  • Make an affirmation lucky dip- write out 30 or 40 affirmations (like the ones above) on separate pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Everyday lucky dip an affirmation, write it out, journal on the topic, post it on your social media and/or repeat it to yourself throughout the day.

  • Write or print out an affirmation or two, many times and place them all around the house. On the fridge door, the bathroom mirror, your bedside lamp. Put them in places you will see them again and again and each time you do see them say them aloud.

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