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Create a Sustainable Mindset in One Easy Step

Get fussy!

Sustainability isn't exactly a new topic, but it is a topic that continues to demand our attention and requires an ever-evolving, dynamic relationship with as many people as possible on our earth. So its time to get fussy about how we spend our dollars.

If every dollar you spent was a vote for what you want to see more of in the world, what would our world look like?

Next time you click add to card, pull out your credit card or go to buy anything, have a list of questions you ask yourself before completing your purchase.

  • Is the brand ethical? A quick google search will tell you.

  • Where was the product made? Think food miles, transportation costs, international workplace health and safety laws.

  • Does the brand pay their workers fairly? Who are their workers?

  • What materials are used? Are they environmentally friendly? How long is this product going to last? What kind of packaging is involved?

  • Do you really need this product? Are you going to use the entire product or re-use it more than 30 times?

  • Is there a 2nd hand alternative?

  • Could I reuse, recycle, swap or donate this item? Maybe I could borrow it from a friend?

It doesn't matter if you're buying groceries or shopping for new pyjamas, these questions are essential to making sustainable change, for the betterment of our earth.

And remember, it's not about one person doing this perfectly, it's about billions of people doing it imperfectly!

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