Makeover Your Mindset Through These 5 Simple Practices

Your life is only as good as your mindset!

Our minds are a weird and wonderful place filled with the infinite potential and power to create our own reality. The perfect place to start when it comes to the pursuit of our dreams, goals and desires.

Here are five simple practices guaranteed to revolutionise the way your mind approaches new, challenging and unique experiences and opportunities:

1. Positive Thoughts

According to the psychological positivity guru, Dr Martin Seligman there are five key principles to authentic and sustained happiness. The very first being positive thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions create our behaviours and our behaviours create our reality. Hence in the pursuit of your goals, dreams and desires, making over your thoughts is the perfect place to begin.

Within our minds, we have our conscious and subconscious selves, with the conscious responsible for everything you are currently aware of and the subconscious filled with beliefs, expectations and assumptions created from your lived experiences buried deep within your mind, more often than not hidden from your awareness.

It is through our subconscious mind that true positivity thrives!

Simply by training our brains to see the good, focus on the positive and cultivate optimism we become happier. Our subconscious mind learns to find the good, the opportunities and the strengths in every situation without conscious awareness. It becomes automatic, effortless and easy to simply be in this state of positivity.

When it comes to retraining your brain to first see positivity, the perfect place to start is with gratitude. Gratitude is said to be the second-highest emotional vibration we humans can feel, second only to pure enlightenment, scientifically proven to create greater vibration/energy within the human body. Hence when we are in a state of gratitude our bodies are functioning at an optimal energetic frequency.

Training your brain to find gratitude in everyday situations is easy. Right now take a look around you and think of three things you can be grateful for in this moment? Do you have a roof over your head? Access to food and clean water? Clothes to keep you warm and dry? Go back to basics, then begin to build on this foundation.

2. Affirmations

Within our subconscious minds, our brains are programmed to identify ourselves in a certain way. We see ourselves as a woman, a teacher, a sister and/or a mother and we place ourselves within the confines of these metaphorical boxes. Anything beyond this is outside our reality and difficult for our brains to comprehend- never mind actively pursue. This where affirmations come in.

When we speak words to ourselves, we can create and strengthen neurological pathways enabling our minds to create space between these boxes we categorise ourselves into. We can begin to see ourselves as a successful entrepreneur, even though we’ve never experienced this before. We can identify ourselves as a millionaire or a writer or whatever it is we want to be and strengthen our mindset in pursuit of this goal. Speaking to yourself in the present or past tense is the best way to cultivate this mental growth and facilitate this change.

Literally saying to yourself, I am… (a successful entrepreneur), I have…(a million dollars) and/or I deserve… (abundance in all it’s forms) and believing in these statements creates change.

Using the present tense your words essentially trick your brain into believing that this is your reality. You are a successful entrepreneur, so you are therefore showing up as such. You have a million dollars, so you now have the energy of a millionaire. You deserve abundance and therefore that’s what you attract.

Affirmations work best when used consistently over a long period of time. Try writing your affirmations daily, speaking them aloud to yourself and/or using reminders on your phone and around the house to create a consistent habit, energy and connection with your words.

3. Manifestation

Put simply manifestation is the powerful process of taking responsibility for your future and the life you want to create for yourself.

Tapping into several of the Natural Laws of the Universe, manifestation is centred on the Law of Attraction, stating like attracts like, the Law of Vibration, in that everything vibrates at a certain frequency, the Law of Action, you have to do something for something to happen, and the Law of Rhythm, stating that everything in this Universe flows in a pattern or rhythm.

In it’s most basic form, manifestation can be broken down into four simple steps:

  1. Thoughts- allow yourself to think about everything and anything you want! What is holding you back, what is your fullest potential, what are you called to do in this life?

  2. Feelings- how does it feel in your physical body to be in this ideal situation? What does it look, taste, sound, smell and feel like to be this version of yourself?

  3. Action- what one step can you take towards this? Don’t get this confused with the whole path, you don’t need to know all the answers, just take that first step towards the life you want.

  4. Trust- take the action and then surrender. Let it go, let it be, let it happen in its own timing. Our minds cannot predict the magic or divine timing of life, we just have to trust that this journey is happening exactly as it’s meant to.

You can use this process to manifest literally anything into your life- money, experiences, relationships, opportunities, you name it, if you can think, feel, take action and trust, it will be yours in the right timing!

4. Meditation

The practise of meditation is nothing new, taught for centuries, this ancient art is credited again and again for allowing our human minds to be still, aware and present in our realities.

Yet meditation is often misinterpreted. This practice is not about sitting in nothingness, not allowing thoughts or feelings or anything to cross your mind. It is the exact opposite.

Meditation is allowing, recognising and acknowledging every single thought within our minds, yet removing all attachment. Through the consistent practice of mediation you can hear your conscious and subconscious mind, yet remove all judgement, expectations and confines.

It is through this process that you can begin to unpack, unravel and truly see yourself, your limiting beliefs, stories, values, baggage and so much more.

And this is where we can create change.

When you can hear the voice in your head telling you that you are not enough, you can begin to recognise where it comes from. What experience it is based on and how it is not true.

Through meditation, you can learn to hear your intuition more clearly, allowing yourself to be guided by the highest version of yourself already within you. And through this divine guidance, you can empower yourself to create whatever it is you desire.

Meditation ultimately connects the body, the mind and the soul, bringing these elements of you together into a powerful state of pure love.

5. Self Love

When it comes to self-love, there is a preconceived notion of bubble-baths and facemasks, yet true self-love, could not be further from this idea.

Yes, self-love can involve relaxation, treating yourself or taking a moment alone, but at its core, self-love is all about the relationship you have with yourself.

How do you speak to yourself within your mind? How do you show up for yourself in the pursuit of your dreams and goals day after day?

Just like building any sort of relationship with another person, the relationship you have with yourself is founded on trust, core values and love.

You need to trust yourself to be there in support of you when things get tough. You need to centre your relationship on your strongest values, whether that is kindness, humour or courage. And mostly you need to give yourself unconditional love, no matter what.

Understanding the core of our feminine and masculine beings has been a huge revelation in my self-love journey. Seeing myself as yin and yang, balanced with light and dark, masculine and feminine has truly helped me to embrace all of what it means to be myself.

The divine feminine within us is expressive, intuitive, connected, loving, compassionate, creative, flowing and radiant. While the masculine is present, aware, structured, discerning and purposed.

Whether you identify as a man or woman, allowing these two states to flow together, balancing each other throughout every day is a cornerstone to ultimate self-love.

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