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Hi! I'm Tori, an amateur chef, former corporate lawyer, international nanny and nutrition and health coach (in the making). I was born and raised in country New South Wales, Australia, but from the age of sweet-16 I've lived in many countries, cities and travelled the world. As the years have gone by I've learnt to focus my attention inwards and slowly break-free from societies expectations and the pressures that previously controlled my life. When I look back there is a common theme of my life to date- essentially that the greatest challenges bring the biggest rewards.

As an Aquarius and a red-head I've always felt different, like life had a different path for me, but for many years I lacked the confidence to follow my intuition, embrace this uniqueness and chase my dreams. In hindsight, all this changed when my high-school offered an exchange program to France in 2010. I can't even tell you what lead me to sign up, but I did and it changed my life forever!

Walking the streets of Paris as a teenager I realised that I could do anything, be anything and achieve anything I wanted and from there life has unfolded. And the challenges have of course continued since.

For many, good marks in school equals a career in law or medicine- and given my queasy reaction to blood, law seemed the obvious choice for me. 7 years later and 3 months into a graduate law job in Melbourne I couldn’t of been more miserable. Blending into the daily crowd of black-suited office workers snaking through the metro station at 7.55am, proceeded by 10 hours in a window-less office only to go home, sleep and do it all again the next day had me dying inside. Call me dramatic but this part of my life felt soul-destroying, however it also led to my biggest personal growth to date.

In early 2019, with very little convincing my best friend and I decided to both quit our respective office jobs and buy one-way tickets to Greece. We sold everything we owned (maybe a little prematurely, I slept on an air-mattress in my own apartment for 6 weeks!) moved into our parents homes for a few weeks then set-off on what we knew would be the rest of our lives! It's been just over a year now and everything seems to have changed, yet my journey is only just beginning.

Like many I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my life, my diet, my fitness, my finances, my thoughts, my connection to the universe and the list goes on, but when I think about these elements they all come down to one key topic- my HAPPINESS!

So, if like me, you're on the pursuit of happiness or simply interested in what more life has to offer, join me on my journey navigating health, happiness and life through its many facets! I'll be publishing all my tips and tricks to master your mind, body and soul plus all the things I learn along the way, unlocking the secrets to living your best life!

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