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Why You Need to Write a Bucketlist- And How to Achieve Everything On It

Whether you relish or despise the concept of a bucket list, we’ve all got an array of burning dreams and desires waiting to be experienced and accomplished, buried somewhere within our conscious and/or subconscious minds.

For some, the idea of chasing your deepest desires is comical, childish, and can feel completely unrealistic, yet for others, there is no other way to live your life. I fit into the latter category.

Call me naive, but what other purpose do we have on this earth but to, live our biggest, happiest most fulfilled lives? And boy oh boy are there so many ways to do this!

“The purpose of life is to be happy” — The Dalai Lama

As a self-proclaimed digital nomad, time after time I have met many people who are amazed by what I do. They say I’m so lucky, so fortunate and so blessed as if all my dreams and desires have been handed to me on a silver plate. But the reality is I have made my life what it is today through persistence, determination, and passion.

I made a choice to build my reality around what I love and to build a career and life plan entwined through this. I decided to chase my highest potential rather than to sit back, go with the flow and wait for life to come to me.

And it all started with getting crystal clear on my goals, ambitions, and dreams in life.

Here’s what I do…

Write it down

Let’s be honest, nothing is going to happen unless you are deadly serious about your goals. So first things first, write a list of everything you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing and accomplishing. The sky is your limit here, so think as big and creatively as possible, and don’t be afraid to explore new ideas as they pop up. You never know where they might take you.

Whether its pen to paper or through an app on your phone, you must write these down. These thoughts and ideas are essentially your biggest goals in life and they represent your highest potential. Let them motivate and inspire you every day.

Convince yourself that all of your dreams and desires are possible. Find photos to put on your vision board, tell anyone who will listen all about your plans, and if you want to get a little woo woo ask the Universe or any higher power you believe in to get on board.

Essentially you have to know what you want to achieve it, but also you have to believe in it.

Break it down

From here you can categorize your dreams into subtopics. For me, I have a list of dreams, a bucket list, and an annual resolutions list. The dreams are the greatest, deepest desires I have and between you and me, sometimes they feel pretty far-fetched (spoiler, that’s not going to stop me). I only have three of these on my dreams list so far.

Next, I have my bucket list. This is full of experiences that I am dying to put into action. See the northern lights, sleep in the Sahara Desert, eat breakfast with giraffes in Kenya. You get the idea. These are the unique experiences that I value in my life. They are both exciting and challenging but mostly they light my soul on fire, fuel my passion for life, and bring me so much joy.

Finally, I have my yearly resolutions. These are the realistic goals and intentions I like to set every January (or anytime) for the year or months to come. Based on where you’re at in your life, you can tailor these resolutions to push your boundaries and chase your dreams (and bucket list goals) in the most realistic, bite-sized way.

Maybe you can use your annual leave to take a family vacation to Egypt? Maybe you can sign up for online Spanish classes or write a chapter of your book a month or meditate for five minutes every morning to get clear on your desires. However big or small, make sure to push yourself outside your comfort zone and towards your biggest desires.

Basically, my goals filter down from my dreams to my bucket list and into my annual resolutions and intentions. Together they complement each other and holistically reflect the life I am trying to embody.

Make it Happen

It doesn’t need to be New Years Day to make a plan to revolutionize or just plain re-assess your life. Every day, every minute and every hour we have the freedom to chose and prioritize what we value most. Yet, often we need to make sacrifices and compromises for this to happen.

I guarantee if travelling the world is your number one priority, you will do what it takes to put in the time and effort to save the money, book the flights, and see the world. If meeting your soul mate is your greatest desire, you will do the personal work, find the time, and put yourself out there to meet the right person. If you dream of being fluent in Spanish you will find time to learn the theory, participate in classes and maybe even move to Mexico.

But you have to want it. More than the safety and security of what you already have now. As I like to remind myself, the greatest challenges have the biggest rewards.

If you need further motivation, simply look at your life and what you have accomplished to date. To put it bluntly, we are all going to die. Do you know how many years you have left? If you died tomorrow, what would you want to be remembered for?

So write out your bucket list. Get clear on what you want. Stop living for tomorrow and start living the life you want today.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain

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